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Four Tips For Bridal Shower Thank You's

Four Tips For Bridal Shower Thank You's

After each bridal shower, take time to write out your thank you cards. If you haven’t picked out thank you cards yet, go ahead and get them ordered!

Remember, you don’t have to sit down and write them all at once, but you do have to write them.

  1. Traditionally you will want to send thank you cards to the shower’s hostesses, as well as anyone who brought a gift for you.

  2. Whether you order stationery , have a designer make you custom notes or print the cards on your home printer — it’s important to include a handwritten and personalized note that thanks the recipient for the specific gift they picked out.

  3. In the case of money, it’s acceptable to mention what you plan to get with their gift.

  4. Even if you have thanked someone in person at your bridal shower, go ahead and write the thank you note. They will appreciate it!

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