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Five Final To Do's For Wedding And Reception Music

Five Final To Do's For Wedding And Reception Music

Your wedding day will be filled with music, flowers, friends and family. As your wedding day approaches, you may want to review your music choices to be sure everything is perfect:

  1. How do you feel when you hear the music that will play at your wedding? If you can picture yourselves dancing the night away in each others' arms, the plans are going alright.

  2. Have you chosen the music for your first dance? This is traditionally a slow song but it's your wedding so you can choose anything you like!

  3. Is there any song missing that you really would like to work into your wedding or reception? If you want to do the limbo, make sure the DJ has the music (and a stick to dance under).

  4. If you are planning to have a special dance with your father, and then a dance for your fiancé and his mother, have you selected and socialized those music choices?

  5. Have you given the musicians or DJ who will be playing at your reception a list of favorite songs and those that you want to avoid? If you really do not want to hear The Chicken Dance played at your wedding, make sure you let the DJs or musicians know.

Take one last look at the music and mark it off your checklist.

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