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The Perfect Number Of Bridesmaids Is...

The Perfect Number Of Bridesmaids Is...

Each bride has her own vision of the role her friends and family will play in her wedding. Your feelings are far more important than traditions governing how many people stand on which side of the aisle.

The perfect number of bridesmaids is however many you want! That said, a good rule of thumb is one bridesmaid and groomsmen for every 20-25 guests.

  • Informal weddings tend to have fewer attendants — often just one or two close family members or friends.

  • Semi-formal weddings typically have 4-8 bridesmaids and groomsmen, along with a ring bearer and flower girl.

  • Large or formal weddings can have a dozen or more attendants.

You don’t have to have a matching number of attendants, so you and your fiancé can ask whomever you like to be bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Think about what part you want your bridesmaids to have in wedding planning. Bridesmaids often host showers, help you have fun address wedding invitations and influence their bridesmaid dress choices — so pick people you enjoy spending time with!

One final note, remember that there is a financial commitment that comes with being a bridesmaid. If you have a friend that might struggle with the cost, have an honest conversation about the situation and together you can decide how she can best participate in your wedding.

Tell us about how many bridesmaids you are having for your wedding, and share tips with other brides. We welcome your comments!