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Tips And Tools For Successful Wedding Day Planning

Tips And Tools For Successful Wedding Day Planning

As your wedding day approaches, it’s helpful to create a list of the people you have hired, and where they are supposed to be. Many brides share this list with their bridesmaids and the vendors themselves to make sure everyone is on the same page.

A Wedding Day Calendar is one tool you can use to capture some of this information.

You may want to create a comprehensive list of wedding-day details. Use the Wedding Day Calendar for as little or as much of this as you like. Some details you may want to document include:

  1. The type of product or service being delivered.

  2. The vendor’s company name, as well as the names of the actual individuals who will be on-site for your wedding day.

  3. The time and location at which each vendor is expected.

  4. Any moneys still due and the amount to be paid upon delivery.

  5. Wedding party contacts that the vendor can call if there is a problem on your wedding day (NOTE: this should not be you).

Have wedding management tips you want to share with other brides? Go ahead and add your comments below!